About Us



Since 1958 our firm has been committed to proving that a medium sized firm can provide excellent legal services in many sophisticated areas of law. That practice continues today. We believe that there are tangible, measurable differences that enable us to best meet our clients’ needs:

Personal Contact

We emphasize the close personal relationship that should develop between client and counsel. Our lawyers understand our clients’ business needs and goals. Our goal is to provide legal services that are excellent not just in theory but in the real world of our clients’ business.

Cost Effectiveness

We recognize the tremendous burden that the legal system places on many businesses. We help our clients navigate through that system as efficiently and economically as possible. We emphasize teamwork by all of our lawyers working on client matters. We assign a matter only to the lawyers needed to achieve a successful result. In short, we spend our clients’ money like it was our own money. As a result, we provide high quality legal service that is cost-competitive with any firm in California.


We emphasize early and frequent communication with our clients in every matter. We believe that every client is entitled to have his or her phone calls returned promptly. Every client is entitled to know not just what is happening in any matter but why it is happening. Every client is entitled to current billing information to monitor costs. Every client is entitled to know the attorneys actually doing the work on his or her behalf.

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