Allan N. Lowy

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Allan N. Lowy

Allan’s practice focuses on the broad array of real estate transactions, with a special emphasis on real estate development and complex financing vehicles for real estate projects, including tax exempt bonds and low income housing tax credits.  Additional practice areas include land use and entitlements, business formations and joint venture agreements, tax and business consulting, and partnership and construction disputes. Clients include real estate developers and investors, high net worth individuals, private lenders, and not-for-profit corporations such as private schools and health care providers.  Allan has closed transactions in over 20 states and two foreign countries, with transaction sizes exceeding $100 million.

Most lawyers are scriveners who professionally document transactions on behalf of their clients. However, rare is the lawyer who understands the details of the client’s business as well as, or better than, the client himself. Having previously been a real estate developer in his own right, as well as in-house counsel for a real estate developer, Allan also holds a California real estate broker’s license and a California general contractor’s license. Allan is the rare breed of lawyer who understands every aspect of real estate well beyond its fundamentals, from purchase and sale transactions, to finance, development, zoning, commercial leasing, investment, tax deferred exchanges and more.

Allan is “deal driven”. His single focus is on closing the deal, while not getting sidetracked with relatively small or emotional issues that do not affect the overall transaction. In particular, he knows how to deal with opposing parties or counsel whose personalities are difficult, and he does not let those difficult issues or personalities interfere with closing the deal.

Allan enjoys his very large family of children and grandchildren, and he is committed to promoting Jewish education.  In his spare time, he is an avid reader of Jewish philosophy and culture and 20th Century US and world history.

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