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Dr. Ettie Rosenberg

Dr. Rosenberg is a licensed member of the California State Board of Pharmacy, as well a member of California State Bar.  As such, her law practice is devoted exclusively to matters related to drugs and their effects, pharmacology and pharmacy practice.  In addition, she is a university professor and she serves as an expert witness and litigation consultant in both civil and criminal matters throughout the western United States in matters involving pharmacy standard of care, medication safety and use, drug product liability, pharmacy law and regulatory compliance, and the effects of drugs and drug interactions on legal competency.

As a pharmacy compliance expert, Dr. Rosenberg has provided expert consultation and project management in pharmacy departments within state and county agencies in both adult and juvenile correctional settings. Dr. Rosenberg minimized complaints and decreased risk of external government agency involvement while improving patient medication safety, continuously reviewing and evaluating company practices against frequently changing regulations and medication safety requirements, as well as implementing corrective action plans. In addition, Dr. Rosenberg expertly addressed audit-related requests and responded to compliance-related citations. In addition, Dr. Rosenberg serves on the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Panel of Approved Criminal Experts, and she has been interviewed on television in high profile, drug related, celebrity death cases.

Dr. Rosenberg’s first love is teaching.  As a university professor her students voted her 2016 Professor of the Year.  She is a prolific author of professional journal articles on topics such as innovative teaching strategies to engage students in active learning, legal and policy developments affecting pharmacists in modern practice as “providers,” and the rapidly changing legal status of marijuana in California, as well as throughout the country.  As a Board Member of the California Pharmacists Association Legislative Committee, she reviews proposed legislation on behalf of the professional pharmacy association, and as an invited speaker she provides continuing education on topics such as legislative updates affecting pharmacy practice, recent developments in recreational and medical marijuana laws, pharmacy education programs, and history of pharmacy and drug policy.

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