New Book – Taxation of Individual Retirement Accounts (2021) by David J. Cartano

19 April 2021

Taxation of Individual Retirement Accounts comprehensively analyzes all the tax laws applicable to individual retirement accounts. The book is divided into three parts. The first part of the book discusses the 16 different types of IRAs, including the two most recent types authorized by the tax laws: the deemed IRA and the my IRA. The second part discusses the various areas of tax law relating to the operation and administration of an IRA. There is a separate chapter on each area of the tax law. The third part of the book deals with taxation of distributions from an IRA, including premature distributions, minimum distributions during lifetime and after death, withholding taxes, and estate taxes. It also deals with the tax rules applicable to the different types of beneficiaries receiving distributions from an IRA, including foreign beneficiaries, charitable beneficiaries, trust beneficiaries, estate beneficiaries, spouse and nonspouse beneficiaries, and individual and non-individual beneficiaries.

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