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New Book – “The Complete Guide to Limited Liability Companies”
By, David J. Cartano

If you want the complete tax picture on Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), you now need only one source: The Complete Guide to Limited Liability Companies. This comprehensive guide explains all the tax consequences of forming and operating an LLC. This user-friendly resource takes you step-by-step through the tables and computations so you can make timely, accurate and complete filings with federal and state regulatory agencies.

Partners Tod V. Beebe and Ron L. St. John have just completed a successful engagement as litigation co-counsel along with the preeminent state and local tax experts in California, the firm of Ajalat, Polley & Ayoob. The two firms jointly represented many of the country’s flagship businesses in litigation over the business tax system of the City and County of San Francisco. After an extremely hard fought battle the trial court agreed that the tax system was unconstitutional. While its appeal was pending the City of San Francisco repealed one of the offending taxes and approved a multi-million dollar settlement of the plaintiffs’ refund claims.


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