Corporations & Other Business Entities

Corporations & Other Business Entities

Often times, the first decision that an investor or sponsor of a business opportunity must make is to select what form of business organization should be utilized.  Complicated issues of sponsor control, desired limited term or perpetuity of the venture, limited liability of the investors and federal and state taxation must be considered in selecting the appropriate business entity.  In addition, the laws of certain states are more favorable than others in certain instances, so making the wrong selection of business entity or state of organization early on in the process can impact the business venture for years or decades to come.

In selecting counsel to organize and advise the business entity, it is important to seek skilled legal counsel who can help the sponsor successfully execute his business plan and vision and draft the appropriate organic documents – articles of incorporation, articles of organization or partnership agreements, by-laws, conflict of interest policies where required, organizational minutes and federal and state tax registration or exemptions.  Furthermore, counsel should be available to assist the client with corporate governance and compliance issues, as well as the maintenance of the minute book or stock registry, if requested to do so by the client.

The attorneys of Barton Klugman & Oetting LLP are here to help our clients in organizing:

  • Corporations: C corps and S corps
  • General Partnerships and Limited Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Non-Profit Entities
  • Non-Stock (Membership) Companies
  • Professional Corporations and Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Social Purpose Corporations


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