Financial Institutions Litigation

Financial Institutions Litigation

Barton Klugman & Oetting LLP’s Banking Litigation Group has represented financial institutions as both defendants and plaintiffs in thousands of claims arising out of deposit accounts, lending relationships, and other transactions.  The firm has developed considerable expertise in representing financial institutions as creditors and in defending financial institutions in cases based on forged checks, forged endorsements, misused accounts, identity theft, employee embezzlement, late returns, check kiting, negligence, claims of breach of fiduciary duty, safe deposit problems, emotional distress claims and a host of other customer and third party actions against commercial banks and others.

The firm’s litigation partners have also handled a number of significant appeals.

The firm is acutely aware of the cost management goals of general counsel and we have established our billing rates with a view toward providing a high level of service at a reasonable cost.

The Financial Institutions Litigation Practice Group’s expertise includes:

  • Extensive trial experience, both in jury and non jury trials in federal and state courts.
  • Extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution, binding arbitration,mediation, and trials before private judges.
  • Appellate matters in the California Court of Appeal, California Supreme Court, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.
  • Extensive litigation involving mechanic’s liens, real estate matters and construction disputes.
  • Adversary matters and automatic stay litigation in the United States Bankruptcy Court.
  • Litigation involving real estate and title to property and property boundaries including wrongful foreclosure claims.
  • Trust litigation.
  • Commercial and consumer real estate and personal property workouts.
  • Claim and delivery actions, writs and receivers and attachments.
  • Commercial and consumer collections.


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