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Winter 2018

“Usury and the California Financing Law”

California Business Law Practitioner

By Susan R. Goldfarb and Thomas E. McCurnin

April 2010

“New California Decision Puts Bank Trustees at Risk for Attorney Fees”

The Banking Law Journal

By Richard D. Cleary and Thomas E. McCurnin

April 2008

“Grounding Check Kiting With Check 21: The Civil and Criminal Ramifications of Check Kiting in the 21st Century”

The Banking Law Journal

By Thomas E. McCurnin and Peter A. Frandsen

Volume A, Number 3, Fall 2005/Part A.

Journal of Equipment Lease Financing

“Corporate Resolutions in Leasing Transactions”

By Thomas E. McCurnin


The Banking Law Journal

“Dishonest Bookkeepers: Protecting the Bank Against Forged and Altered Checks”

By Thomas E. McCurnin and Kip Jones


Los Angeles Business Journal

“Even Trusted Staff Can Become Dishonest Bookkeepers”

By Tod V. Beebe and Thomas E. McCurnin


California Law Business

“Lawyer Turns Tragic Trip Into Special Vocation”

By Erik Cummins


Monitor Leasing & Financial Services

“Purchase Money Security Interest…Not Only Convenient, It’s Mandatory”

By Thomas E. McCurnin


“Quick Practical Guide to Revised Article 9”

By Ronald R. St. John


Los Angeles Lawyer

“Lien Times: Super-Priority Liens Can Ambush Secured Lenders Who Are Not Prepared”

By Thomas E. McCurnin


The Secured Lender

“Avoiding Super-Priority Liens in Accounts Receivable Financing”

By Thomas E. McCurnin


Leader’s Equipment Leasing Newsletter

“Fair Market Value in Leasing: How Lessors Can Maximize Their Recovery”

By Thomas E. McCurnin


Los Angeles Lawyer

“Yours Truly: Revisions to The Commercial Code May Enhance the Reliability of and Reduce Litigation Over Letters of Credit”

By Thomas E. McCurnin


Los Angeles Lawyer

“Pre-Judgment Writs of Possession: Effective Claim and Delivery of Personal Property”

By Thomas E. McCurnin


Los Angeles Lawyer

“A Guide to Marshal’s Sales: A Golden Opportunity for Creditors.

By Thomas E. McCurnin


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